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Mummy-to-be Jessica Biel launching a Yummy Kid-Friendly Restaurant


Yes, aside from being breathtakingly gorgeous and of course, snagging the sexy Justin Timberlake (they got hitched in 2012); now, she’s a budding restaurateur stealing the hearts of America’s Children.

It’s called ‘Au Fudge’ and is being dubbed as a ‘Soho House for Kids’. Au Fudge is a restaurant cum bakery serving some amazing sweets that look like they have been made at Charlie’s chocolate factory and comfort food for the adults who bring their kids. How do we know this? Because Jessica Biel and her beau Justin Timberlake have taken to Instagram to give us a preview of what’s in store.

The restaurant is scheduled to open this spring and has L.A buzzing. We doubt you will get a table though, even if you’re in L.A. It’s targeted for the A-listers and their kids. But do try!