Mumbai’s Iconic BlueFrog Is Moving: It’ll Be Replaced With Toit

Back in 2007, composer-musicians Ashutosh Phatak and Dhruv Ghanekar, film director Mahesh Mathai, film producer Srila Chatterjee and fund manager Simran Mulchandani got together to create a space which would host live gigs for budding musicians as well as give customers a lounge- like space to enjoy delicious fare and potent drinks while watching the show. In late December, BlueFrog was born – a venture which has remained a steadfast favorite with Mumbai’s music crowd since.

However, in agreement with several rumors, BlueFrog has announced that it will be hopping to another destination in Mumbai.

BlueFrog’s Iconic Location

Along with curating the best live music anywhere in the city, BlueFrog is known for its vibe; its original Lower Parel space is found inside a defunct mill. The interiors are an amalgamation of neon blues and purples and its seating is a collection of circular hubs, giving groups of customers their own niche to enjoy the music. These seating hubs continue up to a dance floor which fringes the raised stage that hosts artists each night.


Along with the artists, the BlueFrog experience was made thanks to its fare and interiors.

However, the Frog (as its fondly known) has officially announced a change in venue soon with a Facebook post:

While many regulars are broken hearted with the news, they also acknowledge that they’re looking forward to seeing what the Frog will do with their new location – some speculate it will be in the open air like BlueFrog’s Pune outlet:


For now though, the Frog remains where it is, so head over sometime soon to catch a gig and create some brilliant memories.

Moving In

So the Frog is moving out, but who’s moving in? Alcohol guide, HipCask has an answer: Toit.

For those of you not in the know, Toit is a Bangalore based brew pub which offers craft beers, brewery tours and – in its Bangalore outlet – brick walled interiors, quite different from the ones BlueFrog is now sporting.


Describing itself on its website, Toit says

“A mission started by our forefathers to make this world a happier and boozier place. All our beers are made only with natural ingredients; imported malts, the hippest of hops and the most eukaryotic of yeast. We never use any enzymes, chemicals, colouring agents, artificial flavouring or preservatives, because we want every sip to be nothing short of wholesome, heavenly, beer.”


Beers in its repertoire include the Dark Knight the Colonel Toit and the Tinitin Toit. With their entry, Toit joins the craft beer explosion brewing in the city spear headed by brands like the Gateway Brewing Company, Doolally, The White Owl and The Barking Deer.

So, Mumbai, fret not; the Frog is heading out, but you can be sure it’ll set up shop in an awesome location. And, there’s beer in sight.


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