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Mumbai’s Finest Dessert Showcase at JW Café Mumbai Sahar


A grand pastry affair unraveled at the JW Café at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar as 25 renowned chefs from various sister hotels put an extraordinary display of drool worthy desserts. Each sweet tooth could have been satiated with this extraordinary spectacle of pastries and sweet treats. Here’s what we experienced.

The Workshop

A three-day pastry workshop called upon excellent pastry chefs to JW Marrott at Mumbai Sahar. This workshop began on 17th July during which exchange of ideas and thoughts took place, all to create marvellous desserts and leverage the baking academy.

Here’s what  Chef Santosh Rawat had to say, “Quality and consistency has been of utmost importance to the team. Whilst the workshop gives us the opportunity to improve the quality of our offerings, it also gives us the scope of collective growth towards newer and elevated standards of service.” Chef Rawat is Multi-Property Executive Pastry Chef at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar and JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu.

The Spectacular Display

Walking through the doors of JW Café we felt as if we’ve been transported back to childhood. The tables full of delicious treats like, Rare Cheese Lemon Crumble Cake, Hazelnut Praline, Chocolate Feuillant, the Mille-Feuille Ispahan, Macaroons, Baileys’ Chocolates, Coconut Chocolates, Lemon Chocolates, and ice-creams with choicest of sprinkles.

While we were stupefied by these desserts like a child lost in candy-land, we also marvelled at the fact that how creative the chefs have been putting a variety of amazing desserts. There was sweet, salty, caramel, dense, lemon, nutty, fruity, alcoholic, all sorts of flavours on this glamorous display. We couldn’t surely sample all but every one that we tasted was a bite from heaven. Chef Rawat humbly takes delight in putting up this dessert affair, “we thank our patrons who’ve taken pleasure in the fine line-up of desserts on the grand finale day!”

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