Mumbai’s Dabbawalas Unite To Make Leftover Food Donation A Cakewalk
December 30, 2015
Karishma (2158 articles)

Mumbai’s Dabbawalas Unite To Make Leftover Food Donation A Cakewalk

We recently put together a list of organisations in Mumbai that accept leftover food donations. Now, thanks to an initiative by Mumbai’s famous dabbawalas, you can add one more donation option to the list; Roti Bank.


Dabbawalas under the Mumbai Jevandabbe Vahatuk Mahamandal have agreed to use their superhuman organisational powers to help the needy. 400 dabbawalas across the city have tied up with major wedding planners as well as caterers who supply to large events.

The dabbawallas involved with the initiative have created a hotline number and arranged themselves into groups according to location. In the event of large amounts of excess food, event managers can call the Roti Bank hotline, who will then get in touch with dabbawalas in the area. These dabbawalas will go to the venue, package the food and distribute it to slum inhabitants, pavement dwellers and others who live below poverty line.


While Roti Bank was implemented during the festive season to tackle the huge about of waste that holiday parties and weddings generate, the initiative is expected to continue into the New Year. Interested parties can call 919867221310 and +918652760542 for more information.


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  1. Karishma
    Karishma Author September 02, 16:14
    Thanks for sharing the link Jerome!
  2. Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar August 07, 14:21
    How do they tackle problem of responsibility ownership in case someone fell ill after taking the food??
    • Karishma
      Karishma Author August 08, 11:02
      I believe they would be able to track back to where the food came from, calculate how long it spent in transit and assign responsibility accordingly.

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