Summer has made its unapologetic entrance and we’re sure – like us – you’re really (really) feeling the heat. To battle it, you’ll need a lot of weapons; loose cotton clothes, cool drinks and lots of cool foods – ice

Happy Wednesday, foodies! To get you through the week here’s a roundup of the best food events in Mumbai this week. Popeye The Sailor Man Themed Sunday Brunch at Four Points By Sheraton Take your tots to the Four Points

Last December, the Supreme Court directed the Maharashtra state government to shut all liquor shops as well as cease and desist issuing liquor permits to hotels, restaurants and bars within 500 metres of national and state highways in Maharashtra. This

India has an unceasing obsession with tea. However, in the recent years more and more people are also looking to coffee to satisfy their caffeine cravings thanks to major coffee chains like Starbucks entering India as well as the rise

Eating healthy is an uphill challenge. Even if you have the perfect menu featuring healthy, balanced meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner, snack cravings can wreak havoc on your diet. After all, where are you supposed to find healthy snacks

Summer has made its unapologetic entrance in Mumbai and it’s kind of a bitter sweet feeling. While we rejoice at the many summer activities that the city is holding, we can’t make our peace with the sweat and the inevitable

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.Salads are amongst the many accompaniments one can find with an Indian meal. One can prepare salad with anything - fresh vegetables, canned vegetables, fruits, eggs and seafood. Here we have provided few salad recipes. Serve salads with an Indian spread or as starters..

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.Eggs are one of the most complete, naturally produced foods containing many essential nutrients for a balanced diet for adults and children alike..