Whether it’s a great meal you need at home or a need to kick back and relax with tantalizing bites, we’ve got it all this week. You can even groove to kickass music if that’s what perks up your work

Set the by lanes of Kala Ghoda, Henpecked believes in a farm to fork concept. A chic, dim-lit restaurant complete with interiors that attempt at showcasing a traditional European farmers’ home. The concept replicate their own motive – encouraging Indian

Come December and the city is abuzz with fairy lights, decorated Christmas trees, glitzy décor and what not! The cold leads us to our favourite coffee place – Starbucks. The evening of 17th November was all the more special as

Winter is coming! Or should we it has arrived in full bloom thanks to a brief visit of cyclone Ockhi showering us with drizzles in the coldest month of the year. Sit back and relax with your cuppa and we’ll

Groovy music, fiery cocktails and great food makes a perfect weekend and here are the best events happening this weekend in Mumbai. So take your pick or hit em’ all because it’s party time this weekend in Mumbai! The Daily

Tired of the mundane routine and the same old menu? Scrap the pamphlet on your office table and have a look at the exciting food options you can explore in Mumbai to perk up your work week. BKC Dive Ladies!

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.Salads are amongst the many accompaniments one can find with an Indian meal. One can prepare salad with anything - fresh vegetables, canned vegetables, fruits, eggs and seafood. Here we have provided few salad recipes. Serve salads with an Indian spread or as starters..

Indian Egg Recipes

.Eggs are one of the most complete, naturally produced foods containing many essential nutrients for a balanced diet for adults and children alike..