Mumbai by Zip Code: 7 Go-to Spots at Fort for some Eat, Play and Work 

Mumbai is a vast city which never seems to stop expanding. As we traverse through this urban jungle, we bring you the best restaurants in each area so that no matter where you are you’ll know exactly where to get your next meal.

After Colaba, let’s move a couple of steps North towards the Fort area of Mumbai. Wandering around Fort you’re most likely to run into two types of people; the corporate crowd, who work at the numerous banks or high-end stores nearby, or the tourists who pause every few seconds to marvel at the architecture surrounding them. For the corporate crowd, here’s a range of restaurants you can visit when entertaining business partners, throwing office parties or when you need a quick meal between meetings. Tourists, feel free to battle with the corporate crowd for space at these eateries – the fare will be delicious. 

1) The Pantry

What: All Day Breakfast


Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To ensure that you’re at your most productive, stop off at The Pantry before work for a wholesome breakfast. 

Order: Eggs Florentine, Sunny side up eggs

2) Lalit Refreshment – Taste of Kerala

What: Home style Kerala food

taste of kerala

If you and your office mates have only half an hour between meetings, but still want a full, nourishing meal then make a beeline for Taste of Kerala. Your meal will arrive in less than fifteen minutes and it will be both tasty and wholesome. Take another ten minutes to have their delicious payasam and you’ll be back at office in just under half an hour. 

Order: Beef Fry, Kerala Chicken

3) Ideal Corner 

What: Home style Parsi food

cafe ideal

If you’re not a fan of South Indian flavors then you can head to Ideal Corner instead for a quick Parsi meal. Have it with an ice cream soda. 

Order: Chicken farcha, mutton dhansak, mutton salli

4) Trishna

What: South Indian Seafood


If you’re entertaining a group of investors that you hope to make a deal with then the best place to butter them up is Trishna. With old style décor, helpful servers and imported liquor I guarantee that your guests will be in a great mood by the time the food is served. The seafood will then transport them to seventh heaven. 

Order: Hyderbadi fish tikka, garlic crabs

5) 5 Spice

What: Chinese Food


Another great place for entertaining clients, investors or partners is 5 Spice. It’s a large space with minimalistic décor and unobtrusive servers. If you’re on good enough terms with your client, challenge them to finish the massive Mission Impossible dessert at the end of the meal!

Order: Chicken pot rice, 5 spice noodles, mission impossible

6) Mamagoto

What: Pan Asian Cuisine


With upbeat décor with random graphic art and pops of color, Mamagoto is the perfect place to let your hair down with your colleagues after a long day’s work. If you’re not in the mood for a full blown meal then they have some awesome bar nibbles to have with their exciting cocktail mixes. 

Try: Thyme and Elderflower Martini, fiery Thai shrimp fried rice, mamagoto goreng

7) The Irish House

What: Beer, Nibbles and Great décor


Another great place to kick back and have some alcohol fueled team bonding is The Irish House. Order a beer pitcher, watch the IPL or  a football matchon one of their many televisions and feel like you have the luck of the Irish.

There you have it, corporate crowd! Whether you’re trying to impress, relax or recharge, these restaurants will take care of your every need.