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Mumbai Will Have Its First Food Truck Festival This Weekend


Last year, a collection of food trucks trundled into Mumbai, in line with a global trend of food trucks taking over major city’s culinary scenes. This month, in a first of a kind event in the city, Mumbai will see a food truck fest, which will feature over 25 food trucks.

Quick Facts

The Fest will be held by the Mumbai Food Truck Society, headed by Roysten Misquitta, which aims to create awareness about food trucks in the city. Misquitta runs Bombay Food Truck Company, a truck in Bandra West that serves burgers, hot dogs and wings.

It will take place from Friday, May 27th to Sunday, May 29th from 5 to 9 pm each day.

Who’s Participating?

You can expect to be presented with a variety of trucks serving a range of cuisines that will allow you to gorge your heart out.

Included on the list of food trucks that will be present at the fest are the The Hot Chick, which features kebabs and other delicious non vegetarian fare, The Purple Truck, a Navi Mumbai food truck, Dosa Dosa which dishes out delicious dosas quickly and, of course, Bombay Food Truck Company.

Also on the list is Tasty Trails, a Kandivali based food truck which we had the opportunity to visit a few months ago that serves wonderful Italian fare – you should try the Mac & Cheese and the Fusili Mamarosa – a spiralled pasta dish flavoured  with a rich cherry tomato sauce and a dollop of creamy cheese. Head here to read more about Tasty Trails.

For dessert, you can enjoy sweet treats like gooey mud pie, Nutella brownies and waffles at Sugar Treat’Z or ice creams from Ice Cream Buggy – the perfect way to beat the heat.

Excited much? Us too. Perhaps we’ll see you at the fest – keep an eye on the event’s Facebook page and website for updates.