Mumbai Residents Can Now Dine In A Restaurant Made Out Of Cardboard

Mumbai Residents Can Now Dine In A Restaurant Made Out Of Cardboard

While restaurants have discarded use of plastic straws, containers and the like, a newly opened cafe in the BKC area of Mumbai has given sustainability a new meaning. The cafe named Cardboard is in its entirety is made up of recyclable cardboard. This includes the interiors, furniture, light fixtures and even the menu. The cafe has been designed by Nuru Karim, an architect at NUDES.

Boxed Up In Cardboard

The Better India talked to the partners of the Cardboard Cafe who said, “It was Nuru Karim, our architect who brought the idea to us and together we decided it was something we were interested in pursuing. Nuru’s style is very explorative and very sculptural, and it was something he had in mind for a long time. The project was extremely collaborative—Nuru and his team at NUDES designed the space including the various furniture and elements (many of which use parametric modelling), and Haresh Mehta of Jayna Packaging brought it to life.”

They also added that, “Cardboard is a 100% recyclable and renewable material and is primarily made up of 50% air. That void, texture and corrugation have been used to fabricate various furniture and elements. It is also very durable, lightweight, insulating and exhibits excellent sound absorption properties making it extremely acoustic-friendly. More than just making a statement, we wanted to showcase that it’s possible to be playful and make a difference. Also, sustainable materials should be the norm on projects of such scale.”


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