Mumbai Lounge Dedicates A Cocktail To Richa Chaddha

Mumbai restaurants and lounges are known to create quirky cocktails drawing references from Bollywood like Imli Ka Boota by Hitchki or in some cases even food like the legendary Chicken Sanju Baba at Noor Mohammadi. Now, Richa Chaddha’s role in Fukrey of ‘Bholi Punjaban’ has inspired another lounge in the city to name a cocktail after the character she played!

Bholi Bhali Punjaban Cocktail

Mumbai Lounge Dedicates A Cocktail To Richa Chaddha

According to a report by Times Now News, a popular lounge in Mumbai, True Tramm Trunk is naming one of their new cocktails – Bholi Bhali Punjaban. The cocktail is going to be whiskey infused with litchi, mint and cranberry. That sounds quite in sync with the character and will be launched this week.

“I am happy that this iconic character Bholi Punjaban will make people happy. Hic Hic. I thought it was a great idea from the folks at the lunge. I am flattered,” said Richa Chaddha while talking to the reporter at Times Now News.

Image Source: The Asian Age