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Mumbai Kamala Mills Tragedy Takes Turn After The Probe


On 29 December 2017, Mumbai Kamala Mills had witnessed massive fire incident that had destroyed two rooftop restaurants. According to the fire department reports, the fire could have started from the flying embers from charcoal used for hookahs at the upscale Mojo’s Bistro that came in contact with the curtains, and spread rapidly. They further added neither of the two restaurants had clearances to serve liquor or run the hookah bar.

14 people died and 14 were injured. Most of their bodies were found piled up in the toilet area where they tried to rescue themselves from the fire.

One of the bouncers, supposed to know how to deal with the situation, advised everyone to stay in the toilet rather than try to escape. Initial reports indicated that the fire started at ‘1 Above’ which is opposite to the fire department report. It also states that the fire had started at 12:30 am on December 29; the fire department’s report quotes several witnesses who put the time closer to 12:10 am. The department’s Byculla control room received the first information about the fire 17 minutes later, at 12:27 am.

“The falling burning debris of thatched roof compelled people to take shelter in the nearby toilet of ‘1Above’ restaurant in a bid to escape from heat and smoke,” the report said.