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Mumbai Is Going To Picnic This Winter



This winter we bring you the best weekend hangout experience through The Picnic Project. To ensure an unforgettable outing experience like the old times, Mumbai Foodie, Team Label and Chrome Asia are coming together to launch Mumbai’s first unique Urban Picnic Experience – The Picnic Project. The project is designed to be a one-stop destination for family and friends to have diverse experiences under the sky with baskets and blankets. The picnic will allow each individual to experience nostalgia and pure-fun from start to finish.

This is the first time the three maestros (Mumbai Foodie, Team Label and Chrome Asia) are coming together. The partners have 30 years of combined experience in the events and hospitality industry. They plan to leverage their long – standing industry experience to make The Picnic Project the ultimate old school, unique and unforgettable outdoor picnic experience. The team understands the current market and desires to curate a niche event that aims to give Mumbaikars a much needed respite from the hectic city life. The Picnic Project will be an oasis of food, fun, and games for the people within the city.

The escape will have all the offerings from specially curated food & beverage stalls, play areas, kite flying pit and movie screenings within the arena itself. Each pop-up at the arena will ensure that they don’t just sell products but ensure that individuals get an escapade that will stay with them forever and bring them back to the brand. The highlight is that the individuals will also be allowed to carry their picnic baskets with food/beverages to the event. The ultimate aim of the project is to give them The Best Weekend Hangout Experience and an ordeal they would desire to want again.

The Team aims to build a community and a culture that the city currently lacks. The Picnic Project will not just be an event but a cult in the making that the people of the city will swear by in the coming editions.

About the event:

Venue: High Street Phoenix – 2 Arenas (Festival Square & Universal Square)

Date: 22nd & 23rd Feb

Timing: 12pm – 11pm

Team HF is always and forever Hungry. You can reach out to us by sending an email to