Why Is Mumbai Going Gaga Over Goila Butter Chicken?

It all started when Saransh Goila, a Delhiite and chef moved to Mumbai and whipped up a batch of butter chicken for his house warming party. A guest and food blogger at the party was bowled over and sent out a tweet featuring the hashtag #GoilaButterChicken. Soon, #GoilaButterChicken began trending on Twitter and Mumbaikars were going crazy craving a taste of the legendary butter chicken. The rest, as they say, was history.


Today, Goila writes about travel, food and hosts TV shows on his YouTube channel. Now, as a response to the city’s demand for his signature butter chicken, he’s launched Goila Butter Chicken, a venture which will send Goila’s perfect butter chicken across the city.

The Goila Butter Chicken Journey

“Think butter romancing chicken while swimming in a garlicky tomato pool with coal and masalas as onlookers! Wham…you have the Goila Butter Chicken!!!” comments the Goila Butter Chicken official website. It goes on to explain the process of creating the butter chicken:

“After setting the task on ourselves to arrive at the traditional spices and culinary skills that set the dish apart from what was commonly served these days, it took us quite a few months of research before evolving successfully. Adding the finest quality of Kasoori methi and cashew nuts from Rajasthan and Goa respectively, weren’t enough to bring out the silky, moist texture we were looking for. To bring out that special flavour, we dedicated meticulous hours to smoke the gravy to perfection and added some butter to allow the dish to burst its aroma as it coated the palate. However, being adequately conscious of modern food habits we ensured that there isn’t an iota of cream or processed sugar in our secret recipe. The sweet tangy zing of the dish can be attributed completely to the fresh tomatoes and honey that make for the ingredient, while we owe the smooth creamy texture solely to ground cashew nut.”


“Once we found the dish palatable enough to whet peoples’ appetite, we decided to invite guests over for casual dinners. Keeping humility aside for a while, got to admit how well received our butter chicken & butter paneer was. Revelers went all praise about how wholesome, succulent and satisfying the butter chicken we dished out was. The personal touch we added to it made it an instant hit amongst all and sundry and before we could contain our excitement, ‘#GoilaButterChicken’ was trending on Twitter, thus marking the beginning of our affair with this connoisseur’s delight.”


While the Goila Butter Chicken will be the signature item (for Rs.275) on the venture’s menu it will also feature Goila Butter Paneer (Rs. 275), Sindhi Style Mutton (Rs.325) and Beetroot Tikki Chaat (Rs.225). The delivery will go live on June 24th; head over to the website and place a booking now!