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Mumbai Gets It’s Own Food Truck Park


Come 14th of July, Mumbai-kars will rejoice with the opening of a Food Truck Park in Bandra. It’s the park behind candies and you can relish multitudes of cuisines and delicacies at one dedicated food zone between 12 PM to 10 PM every day.

What’s So Special?

You’ll finally relish delicious food amidst nature and reminiscence the good old days when picnics were the in-thing. There’s a choice between 10-12 food trucks including Bombay Food Truck Company, Petoos and Hungry JD. The ones with a sweet tooth can binge on the likes of Scoopalicious and Fruit Truck.

There will be finally, finally a spot for those who hate enclosures and don’t mind binging food on a stick or an on-the-go ice cream or sink their teeth into juicy rolls. Workaholics too can enjoy this area with their WiFi section up and coming. We’re also expecting board games, a reading section for the bookworms and most likely pop-ups.

Who should you thank for this great venture? *drumrolls* for Mumbai Food Truck Association

Launch Party

Yes! There’s going to be a launch party with a lot of pomp and festivity in the air and the entry is absolutely free! So expect to have a mini flea market, a special kids area, pop-ups and of course, the grand food trucks in all their glory.

When: 14th to 16th July

Where: 2 PM to 10 PM


Feature Image: Living Local Magazine

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