Mumbai Dabbawalas Are All Set To Celebrate Prince Harry’s Wedding In The City
May 12, 2018
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Mumbai Dabbawalas Are All Set To Celebrate Prince Harry’s Wedding In The City

The flawless Dabbawalas of Mumbai are all set to show their gratitude and affection for the royal family as Prince Harry is soon to be wed to Meghan Markle. They have planned to distribute sweets to the relatives of the patients admitted at the Tata Memorial Hospital, KEM Hospital and Wadia Hospital on the wedding day which is 19th May reports the Times of India.

Dabbawalas To Distribute Sweets

“We have an emotional connect with the British royal family. Prince Charles had invited us to his wedding some years ago. The royal family treated us with a lot of respect when we attended the wedding,” said Subhash Talekar, spokesperson of the Mumbai Dabbawala Association while speaking to the Times of India.

Along with distributing tiffins across the city, Dabbawalas give out free food to the relatives of the patients admitted in the three hospitals. In fact the extent of their volunteer work is astonishing what with the distribution of left over tiffins amongst the needy. “We have decided that along with the good quality food that we provide to the relatives of patients outside these hospitals every day, we will distribute them sweets on May 19 to mark the wedding,” Talekar added.

But what about the royal couple, don’t they get anything from our beloved Dabbawalas? Of course they do. Traditional Maharashtrain wedding ensemble is being sent by the association to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle through the British Consulate in Mumbai says the report.

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