Mumbai Central Station To Get Food Vending Machines Soon

Mumbai Central Station To Get Food Vending Machines Soon

Food vending machines are soon to be installed at Mumbai Central station according to a report by DNA India. It may even be the first such station to have such a facility in the country. The machines, when installed will dispense, food items like pizzas, fries, popcorn and other fast food.

Food Vending Machines

According to the report, The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is planning to install the machines by the end of June. Recently, vending machines have been introduced by IRCTC on board Coimbatore-Bengaluru UDAY Express.

The machine for Mumbai Central station will be dispensing vegetarian and meaty pizzas that will be baked inside the machine itself. “Pizzas will be available within 7 minutes. The cost will depend on the size and content,” said an IRCTC official while speaking with DNA India. Depending on the size be it a slice, a whole pizza and the kind of crust, the pizzas will be priced between Rs 70 to Rs 250.

The report further reveals that Mumbai Central station was chosen on purpose by the IRCTC to have the facility first as passengers travelling locally as well as long-distance travellers use this station to board trains. The report by DNA India further reveals that the first machine might be installed near the popular eateries like Jan Ahar on the station. The idea of the vending machine is that in the long run, the food stalls can be replaced by them according to the report.

Cover Image: DNA India