Mumbai Central Local Station Now Has A Pizza Vending Machine

Along with e-catering service becoming strong, people opting for pizza on their train journey, there are increasing amenities for passengers as the weeks go by. According to the latest update by GQ India, Mumbai Central Local Station now has a pizza vending machine. The machine has been installed through a collaboration between the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), Bueno Insta Pizza Pvt Ltd (YESS PIZZA) and Owl Tech Pvt Ltd (FRSHLY).

Pizza Vending Machine

The newly installed vending machine not only gives the passengers a chance to enjoy pizza but other finger food like French Fries, popcorn and even ice creams and fruit juices. The customers can pick their toppings for the pizza and will be able to see their pie being made in front of their eyes. Right from kneading of the dough to the topping arrangement, the customer will have an open kitchen kind of an experience with this machine.

Mumbai Central Local Station Now Has A Pizza Vending Machine

According to further report by GQ India, the machine will be operational between 7 AM and 11 PM. The cost of the pizzas will be between Rs.150 to 300 for a 10.5 inch pizza and as for others items it will be below Rs.100. The company FRSHLY will also be selling packaged meals by popular brands across the city which will last for about six to eight hours. The vending machine also has a robotic arm to handle trays and reheating device to serve food hot to the customers.

In-article Image: GQ India