Mulled Wine Recipes You Need To Start Testing For Christmas!

Have a very winey Christmas!

A few years ago, I spent the Christmas season in North Germany. As is tradition, Germans spend a good part of their Christmas holidays wandering through Christmas markets that pop up during the season selling all kinds of trinkets and treats. Popular stalls at these markets are the spiced wine stalls; each region and indeed each family has its own distinctive way of flavouring and spicing wine that they sell at the markets.


While its seems a little late to start planning a trip to Germany this year, you can try to recreate the magic of German Christmas markets with these recipes!

Apple And Orange Spiced Wine

A combination of apples and orange zest in wine is a traditional approach to mulled wine.

Orange Lemon Honey Spiced Wine

Citrusy flavours meet honey to create a sweet, tangy bottle of red wine!

Fruit Spiced Wine

The Naked Chef infuses a whole orange with spices to create a uniquely flavourful wine.

Rum and Fruit Spiced Wine

If you’re looking for a more potent drink, try this spiced wine with a dash of rum from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube.

Gordon’s Mulled Wine

Gordon Ramsay shares his favourite mulled wine recipes along with helpful insights into the effect of each of the spices.



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