Moving Irish Pub, now for Rent and Sale.

No Pub like an Irish Pub. 

The makers of this caravan had simple plans. Take the party home. 

Don’t you just hate last call? Doesn’t your mind wander dreamily and urgently across the menu for something, anything to order, as they announce it? Sigh, we know. 

Moving Irish Pub, now for Rent and Sale.

But Shebeen will get your spirits up again. Literally. The Shebeen pub has been designed to look exactly like your favourite, good ol’ Irish pub. A vintage country cottage, brightly-painted on the outside, tiny sofa and Guinness signs hung on the wall, that can seat 10 of your best buds- including a sound system, LED lighting, and power supply. Let’s drink to that. 

It’s available on rent for €750 per day and €1250 for the weekend. And yes, you need to reside in Ireland. 

It’s okay, you can take another chug to that.