Movie Based On McD’s Founder To Be Released In India On 20th January

As reported last year, director John Lee Hancock (of The Blind Side fame) was working on a movie based on the founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc. Titled ‘The Founder’, the Michael Keaton starrer was set to hit theaters in August 2016 but India will be getting its share of fast food history a little late. 20th January 2017 to be precise.

The Founder is a biopic that shows the journey of how a 52-year-old milkshake seller merge his business sense with a burger outlet and become a real estate magnate, the McFounder of the McDonald’s franchisee. He owned just the franchisee, by the way, not McDonald’s. Or did he? Watch the trailer again to refresh your memory a little till the movie finally releases on Indian screens in a few days.

“’The Founder’ tells the real life story of Kroc, who transformed McDonald’s from a San Bernardino hamburger stand into a global empire with over 35,000 locations around the world”, read a statement from PVR Pictures, the film production and distribution arm of PVR Group.

Keaton said in a statement: “Before this, I knew there was a Ray Kroc but if someone asked, I’d probably have offered the generic response that he started McDonald’s. I didn’t know there were McDonald’s brothers and 90 per cent of the population doesn’t know that. I have tried to put this as succinctly as I could.”

the-founder-teaser-posterImage: IndieWire 

20th January people. You’ll finally know the story behind those universally delicious McSandwiches!


Feature Image: YouTube