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Move Over Unicorn And Mermaid Toast, There’s A New Gorgeous Breakfast Treat In Town


Just a few days ago, we got all bent out of shape about the Mermaid Toast, but we might just be a little more excited about this new kind of toast. Because well, Galaxy Toast is gorgeous, okay!

The galaxy food trend is nothing new and it’s definitely one that has been going on for a while now. Thanks to the galaxy cake that was created a few months ago, everybody has hopped on board this new food trend and to keep up with that, there’s obviously Galaxy Toast.

Vegan Chef, Sam Murphy is the mastermind behind this creation. Like Unicorn and Mermaid toast, the spread is beautifully coloured to match the trend that it’s depicting. But while it might look like icing or really heavy cream cheese, it isn’t!

Sam spoke to PopSugar about what went into it and said that she mixed vegan cashew cream cheese with black sesame paste, and then split into separate mixing bowls to add vegan-friendly food dyes to get the colours. Then marble and spread it and for a little more galaxy feel, Sam added sprinkles and stars.

Now you’ve got three different kind of gorgeous looking breakfasts to indulge in, what is going to be your number one choice?