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Move over Pepperoni, It’s time for Papri!


Haldirams’ sales surpass combined sales of Dominos and McDonalds.

Yes, that’s right, the company with humble beginnings is now making more revenue(Rs 3,500 crore) than fast-food giants McDonalds(Rs 1,390 crore) and Domino’s (Rs 1,733 crore).

It all started with a little shop in Bikaner in 1937, that slowly crawled its way into Delhi in 1982. And over the years, Haldirams has expanded into what it is today, mostly because of their great food, standard taste across all outlets and their extremely high levels of hygiene. haldirams

Now, Haldirams’ presence is felt all over India. Haldirams Manufacturing caters to North India, Haldirams Foods takes care of West and South India and Haldirams Bhujiawala operates in East India. Interestingly, Haldirams doesn’t plan to implement any innovative changes. They want to stick to their guns with their age-old recipes. And maybe that’s what works for them.

This just goes to show that no matter how much our taste buds have expanded, bring us a bhel puri or a papri chat, and we are hooked line and sinker.