Move Over Hello Kitty Cafes, The Next Best Thing Is Hello Kitty Wine

Hello Kitty cafes have been opening up around the world and everyone is getting really excited about it, because fans now get to eat delicious and cute food with the face of everyone’s favourite character on it. But that’s not the only thing Hello Kitty is giving all their fans, they’ve now introduced wine!

The official Hello Kitty wine is made in partnership with Torti Winery in Italy and Sanrio, the Japanese company that created Hello Kitty. It’s been in distribution since 2007 in some European and Asian countries, but fans are getting excited because it’ll soon be available in more places around the world.

Move Over Hello Kitty Cafes, The Next Best Thing Is Hello Kitty Wine Photo 2

In a statement released by Sanrio, the company said: “Sanrio consistently looks for products and engagement points to continue deliver something newness and uniqueness to fans. The Hello Kitty Wine collection has delivered a new experience to the adult fan and is a licensed product from Europe, produced in partnership with Torti Wines. It has had limited distribution in the United States since 2010. The collection is currently available at specialty wine and grocery channels, and currently served exclusively at Antonello Ristorante in Santa Ana, CA.”

The restaurant will also feature a Hello Kitty-themed menu including a salad with a watermelon shaped like Hello Kitty, pink pasta shaped like the iconic hair bow and chocolate cake shaped like Hello Kitty. The wine will also be sold in speciality wine and grocery stores around America. So for those of you who want to try this delicious new creation, you’re going to have to visit America or just wait till it comes to a store near you.