Mother’s Recipe Adds Four Ready To Cook Spice Mixes To Its Repertoire

Craving some Kerala style food this weekend? No need to order in; simply head to a grocery store and pick up a packet of Mother’s Recipe ready to cook recipes, which are now available in four Kerala dish variants.

About Mother’s Recipe

Mother’s Recipe, which is owned and managed by the Desai Brothers Limited is a market leader in ready-made pickles, condiments, blended spices, papads, curry pastes, ready to cook spice mixes and chutneys. They distribute products in over 150,000 retail outlets across the country and also have an international presence in around 40 countries including Australia, Canada, the US and the UK.


Mother’s Recipe is best known for its pickles, pastes and ready to cook spices. Its Ready to Cook spices include spices for dishes from various regions like mutton curry, paneer kadhai, fish curry, butter chicken and veg biryani.

The New Spices

Now, Mother’s Recipe has added Malabar Chicken Curry, Malabar Fish Curry, Kerala Chicken Roast and Kerala Prawns Fry to its portfolio.


The new spice mixes have been launched in South India and will be launched across the country over the next few months.