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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that will make your Mom Swoon


You could get your mom anything and she will love it. That’s what moms are like, right? If you’re feeling sick, they are right there by your side with a yummy chicken soup and anything else you need. Have a problem you can’t handle? You just broke up? She’s right there wiping your tears, telling you how special you are. They are selfless beings and they, even they, need a day to themselves and that’s Mother’s Day. The one day to celebrate everything they stand for.

So here are some ways we thought you could make your mom’s day special rather than just eating brunch at the nearest bistro. We promise she will love it!

Personalized Cutting Board

She probably uses it in the kitchen a lot. Why not make it just hers? Personalize it with her name or better yet with her family. Because let’s face it, that is the most important thing in the world for her and she will treasure it.

Go for a Cooking Class together

If you’ve learnt anything in the kitchen, it’s probably from your mom. Why not return the favour and take a fun and challenging cooking class where you and your mom can spend some quality time and learn a few things along the way.

Food Jewellery

She loves jewellery and she probably loves food. Combine her two loves with cute accessories that show off her passions.

Plan a Baking Day at Home

If you’re mum loves baking in her own kitchen, why not have a baking day then? Go shopping for all the supplies she needs, come back home and set up her stations. Spend the day chatting and baking. Psst, she might even let you have some of her delicious batter.

Make a Family Cookbook

She probably has a ton of recipes in different places and even some of your grandmother’s recipes that she is constantly looking for. Put them all together, create a beautiful cookbook that will treasure forever.

Take a Food walk

Your mom love desserts? Does she love local cuisine? Doesn’t matter. We bet you can find at least one food walk in your city that will put together a few shops that will love to visit. If not, create a self-guided tour. All you need is some research.

Monogrammed Rolling Pin

Customize your mom’s favourite rolling pin to roll out her name or a simple fun message. We bet your mom would love that!