Mother Sparsh Launches New Kids Cooking Oil

Mother Sparsh – a pioneer in providing industry first in baby care segment with their organic and eco-friendly products has come up with a new innovation in the kids care segment, where the brand has launched India’s First Kids Cooking Oil with optimum levels of enriching nutrients such as vitamin D, Omega 3 & Omega 6 for food preparations.  Suitable for daily use, the cooking oil can be consumed by children of age 2+ and is also an excellent choice for adults as well.   

Mother Sparsh Launches New Kids Cooking Oil

The cooking oil for the kids is a blend of two oils with fortification of vitamin A & vitamin D. Formulation and ratio of oils are rigorously made keeping in concern the need of nutrition as documented by reputed agencies. With one meal a day for kids, it helps in fulfilling major nutrition values for growing needs.

One meal preparation in this oil may allow:-

·         50%-70% of your child’s need for Vitamin E

·         50%-70% of its need for Vitamin A & D

·         60%-70% of its requirement for Omega 6 & Omega 3 

Commenting on the launch of this new Cooking Oil, Rishu Gandhi, Founder and Head Brand Strategist of Mother Sparsh said, “In the present scenario, one factor that always baffles a mother is kid’s nutrition, It is well evident that a mom consult from doctor, other mom, friends, cousins and their granny as well to know what best can be given to kids. We have given a solution to their all questions by introducing the Kids Cooking Oil with all necessary nutrients for kids”. 

Mother Sparsh Launches New Kids Cooking Oil

The USP of the product-

1.       PUFA (omega 3 + omega 6) needed in kids 

2.       Fortification with vitamin D (high ratio of deficiency found)

3.       High smoke point & good for Indian style of cooking.

4.       Age for intake, 2+ years

About Mother Sparsh:

Mother Sparsh is an innovative brand created while keeping in mind both the well-being of babies and the environment. Mother Sparsh baby wipes are India’s first eco-friendly water-based wipes which are made of natural plant-based fabric, these wipes are available in 2 variants of 98% & 99% water-based options. Revolutionizing the baby care market in India, Mother Sparsh products are crafted to protect babies from harmful chemicals which may cause discomfort in them.

The brand has sold over 2.5lakh SKU’s of their wipes thus avoiding over 100 tonnes of plastic waste to get into our eco-system and it is also recognized by various research organization for this innovation in the field of personal care wipes market. Similarly, the brand is committed to provide natural ayurvedic products for kids of all ages and has introduced tummy roll-ons and insect repellents.