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Mother arrested for spiking Toddler’s Sipper.


Don’t you just hate those times when your toddler cries for no apparent reason? Everybody remembers “I want to take a nap in the water” girl. So let’s move on to what we could have done about it. 

This mother just had enough of all the crying and the yelling, she just wanted to enjoy her drink in peace. So she decided, alcohol is a solution to many things right? So why not, for a toddler crying? 

41-year-old Sheldy Nelson, was arrested when restaurant staff complained that they saw her giving her toddler a couple of sips and even pouring some into her sipper. Wo, Mamma.

Once the police were called, after repeated warnings, Nelson and her kid were rushed to the hospital where Nelson could barely get words out. 

The hospital allegedly confirmed the presence of alcohol in the toddler’s system. The little girl is now in state custody.

So, about that Margarita, Yup, I”ll need one now.