Dine At The Most Instagrammable Restaurant In Delhi!

Ever wondered what it would be like to dine at a restaurant where you could take home the painting on their wall if you thought it would look perfect in your bedroom? Well, now you can actually do that. Delhi now has India’s first true retail restaurant and we recently visited it to check out what the brouhaha was all about. It was definitely one of the prettiest restaurants that we’ve visited – 100% Instagram worthy! The best part of course was the fact that each and every piece of the décor was available for sale – the figurines, plates, plant hangings, sofas, cabinets, paintings, chairs, literally everything. They even had a few things from their RockyStarXBentChair collection which looked phenomenal. If you’re someone who is moving into a new place or looking to jazz up your home, this place should definitely be on your list because we don’t think you’ll get to eat such delicious food and drinks while you shop anywhere else!

Now coming to the food – It was delicious! The chef curated a special meal for us which included Truffle Edamame, Pan Seared Gyoza, Spicy Barbeque Chicken Bao, Thai Basil Tofu Bao and some Salmon along with Tempura Asparagus Sushi. Each dish was bursting with flavours and definitely ticked our taste buds. We paired the food with a Orange & Peach mocktail and a Ginger & Rosemary mocktail. Both were equally good and went well with the food. For dessert, we tried the Nutella Banana Sushi which was definitely our first and we are glad we got to try it out! Although they serve Pan-Asian cuisine, they also have Pizzas and Burgers on the menu which they serve with their added twist of Asian flavours. You can check out our live experience of the restaurant HERE

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine or just a big time foodie, we highly recommend you try this place, definitely worth a visit.


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