Mosaic Sushi Is The New & Beautiful New Food Trend

Over the last few months, sushi has been featured in so many different food trends. From rainbow sushi to sushi donuts and then sushi burgers, it’s become clear that it’s the favourite of ‘foodstagrammers’ all over the world. For those wondering, a foodstagrammer is someone who takes pictures of food and posts them on Instagram.

The new food trend has sushi designed in neat little squares in a box or a bowl and a photograph taken of it after. Like most of the food trends, you almost don’t want to destroy the beautiful creation, because it clearly took the person hours to not only prepare the sushi, but to put it together that way. Sure, it might be a Japanese trend, but soon enough, it will be a trend that will pass onto the rest of the world.

But for now, just sit back and scroll through these gorgeous mosaic sushi creations we found on Instagram.


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