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Mortal Kombat Inspires A Line Of Beer By Washington-Based Brewery


As a 90s kid, Mortal Kombat was as “dope” as life could get when it came to arcade and later on PC gaming. Add to that the original movies based on the same series, and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome childhood.

Come 21st century and all that glory was moved to shambles when we realized that the movies were anything but “dope”. The games remain to be the one of the best things that happened to most of us, though. The latest addition to the series being Mortal Kombat X, which was released in 2015.mortal-kombat-x-dlc-3

Drawing inspiration from and cashing in on the widespread fandom and popularity of the video game, Washington-based brewery ‘Sound Brewery’ has launched three beers in honor of the three most-loved Mortal Kombat characters – Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden.

Each of the three 22-ounce bottle features the respective character on its label and has a distinct flavor. The Sub-Zero bottles an Imperial IPA; while the Raiden pint holds an Imperial Saison a.k.a. a Belgian-style; and the Scorpion is a dark Imperial Stout with hints of vanilla bean infused with notes of chili.


Let’s just say, this is the Universe’s way of making up for the migraine-inducing Mortal Kombat films.

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