Monsoon Makes a Comeback and so does Chaayos Chatpata Monsoon Menu

Monsoon is the most awaited season for most people. After a treacherous heat spell, the one respite that is looked forward to is the Monsoon. The first rain announces the clinking of cups and a clatter in the kitchen. The familiar aroma of chai and your favorite chaat fills the room with comfort and excitement and in walks your mother with a tray of cups heralding monsoon for the true time of the year that it really is – chai time. Sounds like the story of every household, doesn’t it? What if we told you that we at Chaayos are back with an all-new Monsoon Menu that you can enjoy at our cafes as well as in the comfort of your homes. So now, your parents won’t need to run into the kitchen at the first drop of rain. Starting from 1st July, Chaayos brings to you a wide offering of chaats and chai to satiate all your monsoon cravings.

Chaayos witnessed great success with the chaat and pakora categories for its previous Monsoon Menu; with bestsellers like Palak Patta Crispies, Kala Chana Chaat and Baarish Wale Pakore. This year, Chaayos has extended that menu to create an entire range of mouth-watering chaats. Chaayos launches the best of chaats from the streets of Mumbai and Delhi, with the signature Chaayos twist. The offerings include Samosa Matar Chaat – ‘fresh out of the oven’ crispy samosa, with piping hot matar and tangy imli chutney, Egg White Chaat – the healthy, chatpata masala mix of boiled egg whites and chopped onions; it’s a great all-day health snack, Bhelpuri – a classic from the streets of Mumbai, that has the Chaayos secret chutney and spice mix, and homemade papdi and Keema Papdi Chaat – an interesting twist to the traditional papdi chaat that involves a combination of chicken keema with Chaayos’ homemade papdi.

Monsoon Makes a Comeback and so does Chaayos Chatpata Monsoon Menu

Excited about the launch, Raghav Verma, Co-founder, Chaayos said“We put in tremendous thought behind each of the three menus we launch annually. Chai and Monsoon are perfect partners and it holds a special place for us as well as our patrons. We had few chaats on our menu earlier and it received a great consumer response. This monsoon, we decided to add an entire range of chaats for our patrons because the only better combination other than chai and monsoon is that of chai and chaat. We wish everyone a yummy and a happy monsoon.”

Every year, Chaayos launches 3 different menus, the Monsoon, the Summer and the Winter Menu to which they add new beverages and snacks. Each menu is extremely well received by Chaayos aficionados and each menu helps to convert new people into Chaayos lovers. This Monsoon, we hope that you can visit a Chaayos café for yourself to see the magic that brews between India’s favorite beverage and monsoon.

About Chaayos

Chaayos, India’s largest chai café chain was born in November 2012 with a vision to give a contemporary interpretation to the age-old concept of chai adda or “Tea Room” culture, a place where chai was considered the perfect condiment to every discussion ranging from life, work, society to politics. Chaayos’ focus is to serve freshly brewed ‘Meri Wali Chai’ to every chai lover. In a short span of 5 years, Chaayos has become the market leader in the chai café space with a whopping 53 cafes in 6 cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Karnal, serving more than 16,000 cups of tea every day.

People come to Chaayos to experiment with chai because it’s the only place that gives customers their perfect cuppa with an option of 12 add-ons resulting in more than 12,000 ways to make chai. Even the food menu at Chaayos revolves around what goes best with tea. A bun samosa, a kulhad butter chicken kulcha or a chocolate factory cake are great accompaniments to tea. Chaayos is also rapidly growing in the home delivery segment through which they deliver fresh chai in disposable kettles, to keep it piping hot till it reaches its destination. To tackle midnight cravings, the company has also launched three 24×7 cafes in Gurgaon. All Chaayos outlets are tastefully designed based on three themes, Travel, Chai, Books and Rain and High on Chai. Chaayos is growing exponentially and will expand to other cities across the country in the coming year.