Molecular Mixology With Kinsey Johnson At High Ultra Lounge, Bengaluru

Bengaluru ||Feature : Molecular Mixology with Kinsey Johnson at High

An evening with Kinsey Johnson at High Ultra Lounge gave us a look into a wondrous world of Molecular Mixology, one filled with smoke, fire and some greatest spectacles known to mankind. Kinsey Johnson, a renowned molecular mixologist from Australia, enthralled the crowd with some some unique twists to the regular ol’ cocktails.

Science Behind The Drink

Molecular mixology brings the techniques present in molecular gastronomy to alcohol service. Science in a shaker, as they call it, molecular mixology presents intricate amount of detail to the process of making cocktails with unique flavours, taste and spectacular presentation. As the trend gains traction in the world of bars and pubs, bartenders are using distinct techniques to add their own personal touch to existing cocktails with grandiose flavours and presentation.

Kinsey’s High Cocktails

Since starting off his cocktail adventure in Sydney, Kinsey perfected his skills in molecular mixology at his family’s hotel in the country-side of Australia. After studying chefs like Heston Blumenthal, famous for bringing science into the kitchen, Kinsey began his quest to bring the same level of attention to detail to alcohol service. His unusual experiments led to creation of eclectic cocktails which are easy on the palette and eyes. You can catch Kinsey Johnson and his unusual variety of cocktails at High Ultra Lounge, World Trade Centre in Bengaluru.


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