Moist and Rich Wholewheat Banana Bread

If you’ve always wanted to bake bread at home, but found it challenging, we have good news for you! This recipe for moist, soft, and richly flavoured Banana Bread made with Whole Wheat is one of the easiest recipes you can make at home.

This recipe does not involve the complications of kneading the dough and waiting for the yeast to make it rise. It doesn’t involve waiting a few hours or overnight to let the dough rise. It’s as simple as mixing a cake batter and pouring it into a bread pan to bake.

This deliciously flavourful fruity loaf is sure to enrich your breakfast tables and tea times. It is wholesome and nutricious, perfectly complementing today’s rushed morning meals. Baked with all the nutritious goodness of mashed bananas and whole wheat instead of all purpose flour, this recipe, enhanced with fruits and nuts, rises and bakes beautifully, coming out of the oven aromatic and warm. It is delightful served warm with a scoop of Vanilla icecream.

Check out the detailed recipe here. Try it at home and tell us how it turned out.