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M&M’s Released 3 New Flavors & They Want You To Pick The Best One


In what could possibly be the best news we’ve heard this year, M&M’s has released three new flavors. While that’s a joy in itself, what has made it better is the fact that we (the hypothetical all of us, not the we at HungryForever) get to choose which flavor stays!

Crunchy Mint, Crunchy Raspberry, and Crunchy Espresso were first sent to select retailers last month, but have finally been shipped to stores around America with people all over the country being encouraged to participate in M&M’s second “Flavor Vote” (the online ballot closes on May 25th, just FYI).

While the new flavors may look exactly like regular M&M’s on the outside, they are hiding a few secrets. First, all three are made with dark chocolate. And second, to earn their “Crunchy” credentials, they also feature a rice crisp center: The Raspberry variety has a regular rice crisp center while the Mint and Espresso version have a cocoa rice crisp center for an extra chocolate pop.

M&M’s says that the winning flavor will be announced in August, at which point the largest vote-getter will receive an extra 18-month run while the two losing flavors will be pulled from stores. May the best candy win!

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