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We Were Invited To A Mixology Session At Cafe Felix And Here’s How It Went Down


Let’s be honest, it’s pretty tough to get a good cocktail here in Bangalore. Either the bar is too crowded, in which case you settle for a beer, or the cocktail isn’t balanced right, and you can’t do too much about that, except live and learn. So, I was super excited when I received an invite to a mixology session at Cafe Felix with Spirit Aficionado Balakrishnan Subramanyan.

After skillfully putting everyone at ease, Bala started off with the first cocktail “Mr. Felix”. Agave-based (you can’t say tequila because it wasn’t made in Mexico) with pineapple pulp and lime (I learned that lime and lemon aren’t interchangeable terms), it didn’t disappoint.

Next, Bala called up a volunteer to help him make the “Scarlet” a twist on a pomegranate martini. This cocktail was absolutely delicious and complex with a vodka base, and infused with smoked rosemary which made it a dual sensory experience.

On to my favourite drink, which I’d had on a previous visit to Cafe Felix, the Cool n’ Crisp. A gin-based cocktail with cucumbers and jalapeno, honestly, what’s not to love? As the evening went on we were also treated to a visit by Big Brewsky Mixologist Karthik, who quite possibly created the best Whiskey Sour I’ve ever had.

A massive shout out to Chef Ritvik for satiating our appetites with a delicious spread of appetizers (the shrimp gets special mention). The gorgeous terrace had a super relaxing vibe and was the perfect location for an enjoyable evening. The best part is that you can try all of these cocktails at Cafe Felix, we recommend checking out the Terrace Bar if you fancy a drink in these parts, I know I won’t stay away!

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