Mixed Reaction On Social Media For Zomato Ad Campaign


After the launch of Zomato Gold, the company has begun a pop culture ad campaign as hoardings have been spotted in major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru with eye catching captions like Acche Din, Crime Master B.O.G.O, MC. BC., Oonchi Hai Building and so on. The lines have caught the attention of social media with some appreciating the humour and some downright criticizing it.

Finding It Hilarious

The campaign done by Zomato is probably one of the most discussed on the countries social media right now with their sassy take of the pop culture slogans and people liking them have actually taken pictures and posted them on their handles.


“The thought process behind the campaign was to leverage outdoor media to catch attention, deliver the key message around online ordering, and create a recall, Head of Content and Marketing at Zomato, Pramod Rao told AdAgeIndia. “We’ve just gone live with several of these creatives and we are excited to see how well they have been received. This ad campaign is largely focused on building further awareness about our online food delivery business. While it’s still early days (it’s been less than 48 hours) the response to the campaign has been largely positive.”

Finding It Distasteful

Zomato is a well known food app that caters to foodies and has various features to cater to the restaurants and eateries as well. The social media reactions were friendly as well as filled with those who found it distasteful particularly on the MC. BC. creative. People felt that it was unfair and offensive to women and that this particular hoarding was promoting sexism.