How Did We Miss This $40k Aamir Khan-Shaped Cake?

Aamir Khan starrer Dangal took the country by storm and not only garnered a lot of acclaim but also won every penny at the box office – in India and overseas. The movie inspired a lot of people, and in a lot of ways. A fact that is evident by a Dubai-based fan’s order for a cake that was in the shape of Aamir Khan (in his Mahavir Phogat, of course).

Yep, it’s true. Take a look.

How Did We Miss This k Aamir Khan-Shaped Cake?Image: The Indian Express

The fan got the cake made especially for this year’s Independence Day celebrations, because are you even a true fan if you don’t get an edible statue of your favourite actor/actress made? But that’s not all. The cake has also been labeled the world’s most expensive cake, costing a whopping $40,000 (~ INR 25,00,000)! Here’s how.

The cake, which commemorated the country’s 71st Independence Day and the real life Mahavir Phogat’s success prides itself with features like edible gold that has been shaped like the Delhi Commonwealth Medal that the Phogat girls won a few years ago. “The client wanted gold to be generously incorporated into the cake and we fulfilled the request by coating each medal with 75g of edible gold,” the Broadway Bakery Dubai told The Indian Express.

Further, Khan’s torso measures 4 feet from base to head and weighs 54 kilograms (which is probably just a few kilos short of Aamir’s actual weight). Add to that the iconic practice mud ground from the movie, complete with two mini female wrestlers and you’ve got yourself a cake that could “comfortably serve 240 guests”.

Also, mad props to the bakery for getting the details so impeccable right. Right from the fondant figurines, their clothing and hair to their akhaada and all that surrounds them, the makers have got it just right. And how life-like are those two medals? Take a detailed look at the cake and its making process below.


Feature Image: Bollywood Hungama