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The Minions Have Inspired McDonald’s Latest Soft Serve & We’re Going Bananas!


Please allow our inner minion to squeal and dance in joy!

Okay now that we’ve got that out, here’s the big news: McDonald’s Singapore has added a gorgeous new dessert to their dollar menu and it’s what every minion fan (or minion) could ever dream of – banana flavoured soft serve (that’ right, GELATO!)! Though this isn’t the first time McDonald’s has brought a Pixar character to life (well, sort of), but it has to be one of the most pretty food collaborations so far!

Not only does the soft serve taste like the minions’ favourite food but it also looks like a friggin’ minion with a yellow-tinged gelato served in a bright blue cone! The occasion? Well, it’s almost time for the release of Despicable Me 3, so why not?

Moreover, it’s not just the look of the cone that got a remix. Instead of the usual vanilla flavouring, the Despicable Me 3 cone adds banana flavour, making for a combo that tastes like banana milk, reports Refinery29.

But hold up, that’s not all! The new minion movie and McD collaboration brings in tow a number of other exciting edible merch. Various outlets of the fast food chain in Singapore are also serving up Minion-shaped breakfast items, Minion potato nuggets, and even a Banana Pie.

However, it’s only Singapore that’s getting all the Minion love as of now, so the rest of us can only hope and pray in the mean time!


Feature Image: Kixkillradio

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