Mini Mathur Kicks Off Her Cooking Show ‘The Mini Truck’ With A Heap of Pancakes!

It’s raining food shows on the TV and Internet! With Chef Ranveer Brar gearing up to kick off Femme Foodies on Living Foodz, actress & TV anchor too joins the food show club with her own web series called ‘The Mini Truck’. The first episode of Mathur’s cooking show was uploaded on India Food Network YouTube channel on 17th May.

Much to viewers’ and foodies’ delight the show not only gave us some exciting new recipes but also had over celebrity guest Katrina Kaif who along with the host whipped up some gorgeous pancakes in the mini truck. The actress, who is a close friend of Mini’s, was all praises about the latter’s cooking prowess, giving a verbal testimony of how Mini’s cooking always kept in mind Katrina’s dietary restrictions.

The hostess added, “I have always been cooking traditional recipes and I’m a curious foodie who travels to eat. More importantly I love the stories behind comfort food, family recipes that pass down with so much expertise and love and I wanted to explore that”.

Moving on to the cooking part of the show, it was quite a delight watching two ladies making Katrina’s all time favourite food – pancake. Katrina admitted that she would eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner if she could. But Mini added an interesting twist to the classic pancakes by adding a dash of coconut to it. And the actress who admitted to knowing very little about cooking except for “cracking eggs” was pretty neat at “working the ingredients” too! Oh and Mini Mathur’s pancake flip was PERFECTION and Katrina followed suit.Mini Mathur Kicks Off Her Cooking Show ‘The Mini Truck’ With A Heap of Pancakes!

Next up was Katrina’s Krazy Koncoction, which is actually a recipe that Kat borrowed from “a really really nice cookbook”. The smoothie entails blending together a bunch of super healthy ingredients including avocado, banana, mint leaves, chia seeds, freshly squeezed lemon juice, coconut oil, and some coco powder.

Despite her promising run with the pancakes, Kaif somehow managed to mess up the smoothie. But can we just point out how impressed we are with the fact that she owned it up on camera? But, if you really do want a taste of Katrina’s Krazy Koncoction, here’s the exact recipe from the “really really nice cookbook”.Mini Mathur Kicks Off Her Cooking Show ‘The Mini Truck’ With A Heap of Pancakes!

Watch the entire episode of The Mini Truck below.


Images: YouTube | India Food Network