Million Kitchen Delivers Home Cooked Food To Your Doorstep

Delhi, what if we told you that you could get home made mutton curry or chicken biryani delivered right to your doorstep? Sign up for an account with Million Kitchen and you can have just that; a meal cooked in a kitchen that is similar to your mothers!

Million Kitchen allows home cooks to take a photograph of a meal that they have just cooked and upload it on the app. Other users can then view the photos and place orders for the meal. After an hour and a half, the meals will get delivered to their doorstep.

“Say my mother has cooked amazing pasta today and your mother has cooked mutton curry. Anyone in a 5 to 7 kilometre radius looking for mutton curry today can just go and search and in three clicks order the pasta or the mutton. The app is available on Android only and the menu changes everyday,” said Vimlendu Jha, Founder and CEO of Million Kitchen.


Empowering Women Through Cooking 

Million Kitchen was born when Delhi NGO Swechha was looking to empower women through their cooking skills. Underprivileged women could cook meals at home, and then be able to sell them through Million Kitchen. It expanded its reach, and is now a resource for any home cook looking to monetarise their cooking. 

At present, the venture sells about 100 meals daily. A central kitchen in South Delhi conducts hygiene checks and also provides women with facilities to cook if they don’t have their own kitchen. 

All you cooking lovers in Delhi can now make money out of your favourite hobby! Download the app now.