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Milky Way Just Dropped Another Fudge Bar After Ages


They say that old is gold, however, with all the innovation that goes into making chocolate today, it’s no surprise that most companies are switching things up (we’re looking at you Hershey’s). Now, Milky Way is launching another fudge bar which hasn’t been done since Simply Caramel came out in 2010!

The new fudge bar, instead of having a chocolate malt flavored centre like the original, will have a fabulous fudgy centre!  It’s noticeably darker than the inside of a regular Milky Way, and is supposed to have a richer taste. Like the original, the bar is covered in milk chocolate and has a layer of caramel inside.

As of April 23, you’ll be able to pick up the new bar in grocery stores nationwide, Brand Eating reports. It will be available in a share size, which has two bars, and a snack bag of minis.

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