Chennai’s Top Ten Milkshake Spots

If you haven’t noticed already, milkshakes have been popping up everywhere in the food news world- with the Monster Shakes, kale infused blends, Freakshakes and more. A milkshake is an age old treat, is a cold beverage made from milk, ice cream, and flavors like fruit, syrups or chocolate. These ingredients are then blended together and often served with whipped cream or ice cream on the top.

Milkshakes were first made in the 1880s in America and were originally alcoholic. As time went on however, the drink became more kid friendly and now commonly enjoyed without liquor. Today, milkshakes are adored by everyone, all around the world. We found some of the best places in Chennai to treat you sweet tooth. Here are ten places to get some lip smacking milkshakes to beat this summer’s heat.




Located in Besant Nagar, T. Nagar, Kilpauk, Vadapalanai and Nungambakkam | Cost for 2: Rs. 400

Our recommendation: Oreo Milkshake (Chocolate)


Haagen Dazs


Located in Nungambakkam and Velacherry | Cost for 2: Rs. 1000

Our recommendation: You get to make your own shake!


Urban Desi House


Located in Thuraipakkam | Cost for 2: Rs. 300

Our recommendation: Saffron Coldy and Kit Kat Shake


Double Roti


Located in Teynampet, Anna Nagar East, Neelangarai|Cost for 2: Rs. 1000

Our recommendation: Oreo O Oreo Shake


Pantry d’or


Located in Anna Nagar East and Alwarpet | Cost for 2: Rs. 750

Our recommendation: The Kale Smoothies


Downtown Café


Located in Besant Nagar | Cost for 2: Rs. 800

Our recommendation: Kiwi Shake


Ashvita Bistro


Located in Alwarpet | Cost for 2: Rs. 1000

Our recommendation: The Monster Shakes   


Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream and Sorbet


Located in Nungambakkam, Akkarai, Alwarpet and Anna Nagar East | Cost for 2: Rs. 500

Our recommendation: Caramalized White Chocolate Milkshake   


Crisp Café


Located in Nungambakkam |Cost for 2: Rs. 1200

Our recommendation: Cake Batter & Cookie Dough Cake Shake (or any of the Cake Shakes really)