Milk To Be Supplied In Bottles Or Tetra Packs In Mumbai

Milk To Be Supplied In Bottles Or Tetra Packs In Mumbai

The plastic ban in the state of Maharashtra has taken a step ahead and banned milk pouches starting Decemeber 15 reports DNA India. The milk sale will now be either in tetra packs or glass bottles either. Either way, the cost of the milk is going to rise due to the packaging cost. The dairy owners say that the rise in cost can be between Rs.10 to Rs.30. If we consider Rs. 30 then a litre of milk will cost around Rs.90.

No Plastic Milk Pouches

“Glass bottles may certainly be a  better idea,” Ovee Thorat, a Dahisar resident told DNA India. “My parents earlier used the milk bottle as it was supplied only in bottles. It will certainly help reduce the plastic waste problem as these milk pouches form the majority of plastic waste. Also it might help provide new employment opportunities to people.”

The publication also spoke to Ramdas Kadam, the minister for Environment in the state of Maharashtra. He told them that, “We are not imposing a blanket ban on plastic bags. We want milk suppliers and distributors to be more responsible and recollect discarded bags. Consumers returning such bags should get a discount of 50 paise to Rs 1. We had given them six months to sort out alternatives but they are crying as if this was ordered just yesterday. We will not be cowed down by such tactics.”


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