Why Did Miley Cyrus Just Get A Vegemite Tattoo?

Miley Cyrus has grabbed the headlines again, and it has nothing to do with risqué music videos. Instead, it has to do with a new tattoo she just got of a jar of Vegemite.

What’s Vegemite?

While Vegemite is incredibly popular in the West, we don’t see so much of it around here. Vegemite is an Australian food paste made using yeast extract and vegetable and spice additives. It’s used as a spread for sandwiches, toast, crumpets and crackers.


Vegemite is a vegan spread, which is perhaps why Cyrus (who went vegan for her pet blowfish, Pablow) was comfortable about getting a bottle of it inked on her skin.

The Hemsworth Influence

However, we think it has more to do with her fiancé, actor Liam Hemsworth, who recently announced his love for Vegemite saying “after-school Milo and Vegemite on toast. I lived on it.”

A little while after this announcement, Cyrus got the tattoo inked on by Dr Woo, a LA tattoo artist:

Meanwhile, Vegemite has responded with this tweet:

This joins Cyrus’ large collection of tattoos which include an avocado, a tongue and a watermelon.