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With Miito you won’t need a Kettle anymore


The future of the kettle is here. And it’s called Miito. Miito is the brainchild of creative designers Nils Chuda and Jasmina Grase and it truly does solve first world problems like over use of water and electricity.


Miito works on the concept of “boil-what-you-need”. The innovative creation heats up any form of liquid in the vessel containing the liquid itself. Simple isn’t it? Miito consists of an induction base and an immersable stylish rod. Place the vessel with the liquid that you would like to heat up and insert the rod into the bowl. The induction base heats the rod and with it the liquid surrounding it. No mess, No fuss. You end up heating exactly the amount that you need and no excess electricity is used to heat up anything unnecessary.


The idea is to eliminate the kettle completely, as the kettle has often been blamed for wasting water and electricity. Sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu explains in the video that the energy that is being wasted from over filling water in kettles could generate enough electricity to power the lights of an entire country like England for a whole night. Wow, we had no idea. We are going to watch out for the Miito. Go Green!