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Midnight Hunger Pangs? Look No Further


If you find yourself elbow-deep in a box of Kellog’s late at night or raiding the refrigerator past your bedtime, read on!
Whether you’re a student staying up late to study for your final exam or having a chill game night with friends at home or just ‘Netflix and chilling’ late into the night, you are bound to have the midnight hunger rats running through your stomach. We bring you some of the best mid-night food delivery places that serve resplendent food and desserts and are dependably on time. Beat the cravings!

  1. Bats On Delivery

    These bats are here to save your life! Kebab rolls, biryanis, paneer tikka and gulab jamun are the go-to dishes on their menu. They have a prompt delivery system that ensures you get your food piping hot and the best part is they have 3 outlets in town, so no one is missing out!

    Where: Golf Course Road, Sector 17 Gurgaon, Shahpur Jat
    Cost For two: INR 700

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  2. Bun Intended

    If you’re craving an all American meal, this food joint will give you exactly what you need. Some of their best dishes are Bacon Chilli, Cajun Chicken and Pulled Pork Burger. Don’t miss out.

    Where: GK-1, Vasant Kunj and Malviya Nagar
    Cost For two: INR 850

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  3. The Night Shift

    This place has a mixed menu including a variety of chicken dishes, pastas and sandwiches. You can also find Cup Noodles, hot dogs and masala peanuts on their menu. They have just the right balance of friendliness and efficiency.

    Where: Punjabi Bagh
    Cost For two: INR 800

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  4. The Midnight Heroes

    True to their name, they really are heroes. They have an extremely vast menu so they have something for everyone. Whether you’re craving for a burger or a butter chicken biryani, they have it all!

    Where: Kamla Nagar, RK Puram, Janakpuri, Punjabi Bagh, Pitampura, Malviya Nagar and Dwarka
    Cost For Two: INR 750

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  5. Hunger Must Die

    If you live in Malviya Nagar and you haven’t heard of this midnight saviour, then are you really living there? Their yummy food and quick delivery will keep you coming back for more each time.

    Where: Malviya Nagar
    Cost For Two: INR 500

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