Michelle Obama Just Does Not Like To Eat This Vegetable


We recently discovered that the Royal Family isn’t allowed to eat a certain kind of food – shellfish – for reasons you can look up here. And now joining the list of ‘celebrities who cannot eat a particular food’ (okay, we totally made that up) is former First Lady Michelle Obama, who recently admitted to disliking a certain root vegetable, that is, beetroot.

The fact was recently unearthed (pun intended) in Obama’s recent interview with Food & Wine, where she revealed that although she’s not a fussy eater and can eat anything, beetroots are not something that make it to her dinner plate. “I know that I’m known for eating my vegetables, and there really isn’t much I don’t enjoy. But I’m just not a fan of beets”, she said.

According to Refinery29, there is notable a pattern here to Michelle’s dislike for the vegetable, which can be picked up from the fact that the former FLOTUS skipped out on plating bets in her famous White House vegetable garden – which had 55 fruits and vegetable, by the way.

Michelle Obama Just Does Not Like To Eat This VegetableImage: Vogue

If you thought her dislike for the root vegetable was relatable, wait till you find out what her favourite dish was as a kid – her mother’s mac and cheese. Yes, our inside’s too let out a massive “aww”. “She didn’t make it often, so when she did it was special. It was creamy, delicious, warm and cheesy…very, very cheesy.”


Speaking of favourites, Obama’s favourite destination to please her palate is Spain because of its variety of incredible food. “I like anything with jamón, cheese, olives, bread and olive oil. I could eat that forever.”

With such a stellar choice of grubs, who would miss a beet (get it?)?


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