Mexican Pop Culture Is The Theme At This Donut Shop In The US

Donas is a donut shop in California and offers a range of donuts and desserts that have a major Latina influence reports Food Beast. Right from a purple glitter donut dedicated to the popular singer Selena to dedicated food to El Santo and even Abuelita hot chocolate, Donas is deeply inspired by the Mexican culture.

Purple Glitter Donut Dedicated To Selena

“It is very important for us to be able to offer these flavours, and a sense of culture, tradition, and a sense of nostalgia,” Ashley Leon-Vazquez, part owner of Donas told Food Beast. The report reveals that the name Donas is also influenced by the mispronunciation of the word ‘doughnuts’ in the Chicano community.

Mexican Pop Culture Is The Theme At This Donut Shop In The US

Their doughnut ice-cream sandwich is a reminder of a Mexican dessert, Bionico and is made using flavours of a Mexican fruit salad with coconut and strawberry. The report further says that the Chicharron donut at Donas is a spin on the maple bacon donut and of course the purple glitter donut reflected Selena’s much-popular jumpsuit.

“The idea behind the flavours of the doughnuts is mixing a Latino element to it,” Leon-Vazquez told Food Beast. “At first, our purple doughnut was just a honey-lavender doughnut, but when we made the doughnut, it was like, ‘Oh, my God. This looks like Selena’s outfit.’ Those are the kind of things we played with while naming the doughnuts.”

Mexican Pop Culture Is The Theme At This Donut Shop In The US

To take their success with Donas a bit further, the owners have also come up with a beverage store called Horchateria Rio Luna. This also has connected well with the Horchata-loving residents in California reports Food Beast. “About 90 percent of the time, those who aren’t Latino, but are interested in what we’re doing, and the flavours, and the culture, and the colours, and the art— they get it, they get what we’re trying to do, and are willing to try something new. And they usually like it,” Leon-Vazquez told the publication.

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