The Messy Burger at Barcelos Is Painting The Town The Red!

The capital was still not over the Black Burger hangover and Barcelos went ahead and added yet another shade to their burger menu, The Messy Burger – or more popularly, the red burger – which is juicy red meat (literally) patty sandwiched between two red buns and loaded with the restaurant’s signature sauces. 

Launched on July 29, The Messy Burger is indeed messy when it comes to us eating it – not that we mind. But every bite into the crimson piece of delight ended with dollops of sauces down the front of our clothes. But we still don’t mind because it was worth it.

Available in a vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, you can also choose the amount of fire you want on your buns – Mild Peri or Very Peri. Further, non-vegetarians can also choose between a chicken and a mutton filling.


What We Had:

The Messy Burger with Mutton and a Very Peri dressingDSC_0245 copy

If there were a reverse button in life we’d go back and take that first bite again and again. And again. With a mutton patty so juicy, tender and soft, and flavors so beautifully brought together, the Red Burger spells out perfection. The bun lived up to the Barcelos standards and didn’t disappoint us with its fluffy texture and superb taste. The burger came with a side of steaming hot fries and mayonnaise.



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New Delhi


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