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Mermaid Toast Is A Beautiful New Instagram Food Trend And We Can’t Stop Obsessing


Forget all the unicorn and rainbow trends you’ve been hooked onto the last few months, there’s something new that is definitely going to make your head spin. It’s new and refreshing and with the craze surrounding the species, this probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Meet Mermaid Toast.

Food stylist Adeline Waugh is the mastermind behind it all and she’s taken to Instagram to show it all off. And like all Instagram food obsessions, this one is just getting started and soon, you’ll have the whole world getting excited about mermaid toast and the like.

The spread, as you can see above is a mixture of blue-green algae powders, almond milk cream cheese and possibly some gold flecks as well. So far there are three pictures of the mermaid toast on her Instagram page and along with one of them, she even posted a message about why she’s doing something different and unusual.

And for all those of you thinking that this new creation is silly and a waste of time, here’s what Adeline has to say, “ I am just having fun! I am a food stylist and I like to create beautiful things using food- I’ve never claimed to be starting a trend or a putting out a new recipe that is super practical- it’s 100% impractical, I just like to play around in the kitchen and attempt to create something aesthetically pleasing and unique from time to time. Also, I don’t know about you, but with everything going on in the world today, sometimes I just want to look at some colorful food.”

And as a good stylist, you can be sure to find the most beautiful and comforting pictures of food on her Instagram profile. So head over and admire the Mermaid Toast and other gorgeous creations from Adeline Waugh.