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This Mermaid Island Cafe Should Be On Your Bucket List!


When we were young mermaids enchanted us like no other mythical creature (at one point I even wished I had red hair). In the present day, we’ve become obsessed with the mermaid food trend (like the unicorn trend but less glittery?). Lucky for us, we can now live out our mermaid fantasies at the Mermaid Island Cafe!

The Mermaid Island Cafe is everything you always dreamed of. It’s a dessert shop (obviously!) and the best part is that it’s in our continent (Yass!). This mermaid themed delight is located in Pathum Thani, Thailand just a short flight away!

Hurry up!! Come to join us! We will close this branch of café at Rangsit soon on next Monday ? and moving to Si-lom ?? come and visit us! Please ? #mermaidcafe #cafebkk #bkkcafe #thailandcafe #mermaidthailand #นางเงือก #คาเฟ่ เรียนลูกค้าที่น่ารักทุกท่าน ร้านในสาขารังสิตกำลังจะปิดตัวลงในวันจันทร์ที่ 8 เมษา และย้ายไปอยู่ที่สีลมแล้วนะคะ ใครที่อยู่ใกล้โซนรังสิตมากกว่า ต้องรีบมาแล้วนะค้า ??

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Pink and blue make up the principle colours of the Mermaid Island Cafe (for the ocean get it?). You even get to wear a mermaid tail! Note the adorable Flounder cuddle toy! Dreamy!

Hot milk and ice pink milk ? with sweet rainbow ?? ??? #ariel #mermaid #rainbow #pinkmilk #flounder ?

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If that wasn’t enough to convince you to sell whatever organs are still functioning and book a flight ASAP then a couple of pictures of the food should do the trick. It’s so bright and gorgeous (not to forget Instagrammable af) your social media feed (and the likes gotten) will have your friends green with envy!

You can even have tea with Mrs. Potts and Chip! This is not a drill, brb hyperventilating!

Merry Mermaid X’mas everyone! ?????️‍?? | #xmas2016 #merrychristmas #mermaidxmas ?️‍????

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Honestly, it’s enough to make me think about going through life with just one kidney.

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